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April 6, 2014

Nutrition mini-challenge

My gym @crossfitgroundworx, is hosting a 1 week mini challenge prior to the next 8 week Whole Life Challenge which starts May 3. This is a great trial to see if you’re ready for a nutrition/lifestyle overhaul, so I wanted to extend the offer to all family/friends/readers! Our last challenge saw participants losing upwards of 20lbs, and

March 9, 2014

Terri’s WLC reflection

My Whole Life Challenge Reflection: I had to be “talked into” this… really talked into this… up until the deadline that Alli gave us to register.  I hesitated because I rarely “sign up” for challenges… In case I let myself or my team down. I admit that even though I promote healthy lifestyle habits and

March 4, 2014

Marina’s WLC reflection

I had seen the postings about the Whole Life Challenge but it wasn’t until my friend Paula asked me if I was joining that I decided to go ahead. We would do together and support each other. I was not really sure what to expect as I felt I already had a pretty healthy (if

February 26, 2014

Lindsey Leaman’s WLC reflection

Signing up for the Whole Life Challenge seemed like a perfect fit for me – a chance to make some positive lifestyle changes with a supportive group of people in a “competitive” environment. Being a not-competitive-at-all sort of person, I never set out to finish with the highest score. I’ve seen tons of friends and

February 25, 2014

Michelle’s WLC reflection

My Whole Life Challenge Experience – Michelle D. I was very hesitant to join the WLC group especially without the physical support of my family doing it with me. For anyone who knows my family knows we work extra hard at the box to enjoy our beer and chips on the weekend! Being a single,